We’re thrilled to return to our monthly “friends of National" series, a highlight conversation with a new friend we’ve met through the creative (and wildly connected) world of fashion and design. Today, I am excited to share highlights from a conversation with Nancy Weiss, the fashion blogger and genius behind “A Two Drink Minimum.”  Thank you for sharing your time and energy with us, Nancy. We’re so lucky to know you!


What first inspired your love of fashion and styling?

 Dating back to the 1960s when I was a teen, I was intrigued with fashion magazines. At that time, The Beatles were all the rage. The top trends came from London, England. The models were shown wearing miniskirts, shift dresses, and white go-go boots. Flipping through magazines was my favorite pastime. I would see the clothing and dream of wearing it.


When selecting your outfit of the day, where do you begin/where do you find inspiration? 

 First, I check the weather as that is a large factor in determining what I wear. Then it depends on my plans for the day, where I am going and who I will be with. If I am meeting with my girlfriends for lunch, then I dress up. If I am going to be spending time with my grandchildren, then I make sure to have on comfortable clothing that I can get down on the floor with to play with them.


As for where I find inspirations that would be on social media, amongst my colleagues and fashion in magazines. If I am on Instagram, I will take a snapshot of something I like and store it in a folder on my phone. If I see something in a magazine, then I tear out the page and keep it in a drawer. When I want to be creative with my wardrobe, I will shop my closet and use these pictures to help me re-create the look with items that I already own.


 For those of us trying to add some color into our summer wardrobe, where do you begin in selecting bolder pieces? 

 This is easy, I suggest if you would like to introduce color into your wardrobe then you should start with accessories. A brightly colored purse adds just the right amount of color. Brightly colored jewelry, a scarf, or a pair of shoes is also a subtle way to start introducing color. It is also important to like what you are wearing; otherwise, you will reflect a negative image. Women often follow trends to try and look fashionable. But we should really dress in what makes us happy. Doing so will always allow you to look and feel your best.


What are a few of your favorite trends/styles for this new season? 

 I love sundresses; you really can never be under- or over-dressed in a sundress. They can be worn both during the daytime and in the evening. Changing out your shoes or adding jewelry can give you an entirely new look. Sundresses are also comfortable and can be very figure-flattering. On a more casual side, I would say every woman must own a great-fitting pair of white pants.


What are you most looking forward to in Summer 2021? 

Social Gatherings! Last year, many of us missed out on celebrations and getting together with family and friends. I like to get dressed up and have somewhere to go.

Floral Eyelet DressFloral Eyelet Dress
Nancy in our Floral Eyelet Dress
Gingham Knit SundressGingham Knit Sundress
Looking Sunny in National's Gingham Knit Sundress
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