“Gratitude” may not be the first word that comes to mind when asked about 2020 as we ’round the corner to its end.

Yet during the time leading up to this Thanksgiving week, National has been head-first in hands-on projects to help those in need—from the local community to children around the globe—and we are grateful to be able to do so this year.


It has been a decades-long tradition for National to engage in philanthropic and charitable endeavors, especially around the holidays—and despite the setbacks of 2020, this year is no exception. Some examples:

Samaritan’s Purse

An International Relief Project that collects and distributes essential items to children in need. Volunteers traditionally fill shoeboxes to be flown to locations worldwide and distributed one per child. This year, National employees rallied to fill 38 shoeboxes with hygiene items, toys, clothing, and more.

Lynda Smith Swann, National Owner & President, Stands with Donations for Samaritan’s Purse.

National Executives with Donations for Local Food Pantry

Lexington Food Pantry

National’s employees have all pitched in to fill two large boxes with nonperishable food for local food pantries to distribute to the needy.

Uncommon Threads

A non-profit, Boston, MA boutique founded by stylist and influencer Susan Kanoff. It doesn’t stop with providing clothing for low-income, disaster-affected and at-risk women; Susan goes above and beyond by employing her talent for fashion to style the donations with personal care, creating new looks and ideas that ultimately boost self-image, self-confidence, and provide new opportunities.


National has teamed up with Susan and Uncommon Threads this season, collaborating with her professionally on social media and donating clothing to her charity, supporting a desire to help others as well as those women whom the clothing will impact beyond just fashion.

Gifts for Christmas Angel Tree Children at National’s Headquarters

Christmas Angel Tree

The Salvation Army’s holiday charity is an annual must at National. This year, employees chose twenty children and bought them their “wishlist” items. From clothes to shoes, sports equipment to a Barbiedoll Dreamhouse, no request went unanswered.

American Children’s Home

National is currently running a week-long sale at their nearby brick-and-mortar outlet, where everything is priced at just three dollars per item. 100% of all sales will be donated to the American Children’s Home, the local orphanage where founder Eddie Smith was raised.

Lynda Smith Swann Stands Outside of Lexington, NC Orphanage

Eddie Smith left a practice of doing good in Lexington and National continues to foster and pass along that culture. Throughout the uncertainty and tension of late, helping others and spreading good is something we can all do, and be thankful for, any and every year.

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