National Customer Service Week 2019

This week, our National office has been all the buzz. There have been exciting activities, high doses of team spirit and positive energy. As we take a moment to recognize the phenomenal job that our ENTIRE customer service team demonstrates daily, we ponder the lovely sentiments of our owner and incredible leader, Lynda Smith Swann:

“Since 1952, when my father started National, he considered the customer service department so important, because customer service was the foundation of our mission statement, ‘treat every customer as if she were our only customer’.

 These co- workers are the voice and personality of our company, because they are the only people our customers actually talk to on a daily basis – every day, night and day – [all] year round!

 Our customer service team goes through extensive training, every call is recorded, they are evaluated and held to very high standards. They work nights, weekends and do all of this with incredible attitudes and dedication to making every customer satisfied.  As my father always said, ‘they are National – this team sets us apart.’

 I think our customer service department is a big reason we have been in business almost 70 years!”


Our custom service team is managed professionally to motivate and bring the team together, achieving a cohesive and well stream-lined work ethic, as well as providing each team member with education on customer support with special care and attention. Every day this week was a true party with themes of some serious creative outfits! We invite you to enjoy the festivities below:

Monday 10/7-It’s Patriotic Day

Tuesday 10/8-Tacky Tuesday

Wednesday 10/9-It’s a Luau

Thursday 10/10-Team Spirit Day

Friday 10/11-Fun through the Decades

We are truly grateful to our customer service team. Having a front row seat to all of the festivities was truly a treat. I am told this was a good way to get the team geared up for the, “calm before the holiday storm” that is sure to keep us all on our toes as we continue to provide the highest standard of customer service.

Even our CPO is a team player!

Go Timmy Go!

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