An Interview with a Style Performer

Ruth Maldonado of Ruthie Annie Blog loves every stylish element that creates a wonderful wardrobe. She is inspirational, loves new trends, and styles the classics with grace. She definitely thrives on all things vintage, just see for yourself! We welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with Ruth as one of our recent Blog Influencer’s. She rocked her outfit in a series of styles that wowed our audience. Check out the interview below, with our very own Style Performer:

Q. How do you define style, and what is your personal style description?

A. I define style as an individual’s unique fashion sense in putting together a complete outfit. My PERSONAL style would be classically comfortable, with a touch of boho and edginess.


Q. When you begin your look for the day, how do you begin? (I.e. how do you source inspiration? A color, pattern, one piece?)

A. I usually have a color in mind that I’m wanting to wear based on a piece of clothing. I also start my day with my makeup and sometimes I build my outfit based around a dark smokey eye or maybe a shade of lipstick. I also think about what I’m doing that particular day as well,  for instance if I’m teaching an art class, I definitely go towards a more casual look; but if I’m going to be out and about for lunch etc. then I will pull out some special pieces that make a statement. If I am starting to feel I have nothing to wear, I will go to Pinterest and start looking at different color combinations for some inspiration.


Q. What is your absolute must-have staple item for winter?

A. Boots! I live in the Pacific Northwest and it is cold, rainy, and snowy during the Winter season. I wear boots every single day and love having a variety-from ankle boots, knee high boots and over the knee boots, to switch up my looks while keeping my feet warm and dry.


Q. What trend are you most excited to incorporate next Spring?

A. I am so excited to incorporate bold patterns and colors in the spring! Bright colors are always fun to bring into the Spring season and combining that with 60s and 70s patterns is going on; it’s going to be welcomed after the darker shades for winter. 


We welcome the chance to see how you rock and roll into Spring 2020; thanks for joining the ShopNational family Ruth!


Ruth in the Long Sleeve Tunic Hoodie
Cuddl Duds®

Ruth styling her Printed Challis Pants
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Ruth rocks the Ribbed Fly Away Cardigan
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Ruth Dazzles in our Donnkenny® Campshirt

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