Recently, we had the greatest pleasure to work with Fashion Stylist and Blog Influencer, Amy Christensen of Stylin’ Granny Mama 

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Beauty, Style & Grace with Amy Christensen of Stylin’ Granny Mama


I so enjoyed reading about Amy and learning about her very unique approach to fashion, style, trends, and all things that are REAL for her lifestyle. These were some of the areas I was excited to learn more about the gal behind, STYLIN’ GRANNY MAMA:

What first inspired you to craft such wonderful styles from your closet? And how do you go about selecting a “look” for the day?

What is your go-to staple style/piece and how do you like to incorporate it? 

I tend to rely on neutrals in my closet. What do you recommend for folks starting to bring bold colors into their wardrobe? (I.e. how do you add to your closet and where do you start in making sure you pick the right color for your complexion?) 

Summer is here, so, what trends do you anticipate for this year and how are those reflected in your summer wardrobe? 


What first inspired me:

I grew up with two older brothers, so being a tomboy was a perfectly natural choice as a child. When I married and had children, I dressed like a typical mom…hair in a ponytail, mom jeans (which are now trendy, by the way), socks that matched my shirt…if you would have told me at that point, I would be a fashion blogger, I would have laughed in your face.

As my girls grew older, they developed their own sense of style and started to share with me things they thought were good, or more often, bad about the outfits I was wearing. I distinctly remember being at my in-laws for the holidays when my girls were both out of high school. At that point I was taking some of their fashion advice and had donned a particularly cute outfit. My younger daughter said, “Wow, mom! You are really stylin’!” I laughed and said, “Yup, that’s me! Stylin’ Granny Mama.” I had become a grandmother by that point so the name just seemed perfect.

What actually kicked me in the seat of the pants to start the blog, was my desire to write. I really want to be a published author. I was affiliated with a writing guild at the time and one of the pieces of advice that stood out to me was, start small, but get writing. I thought, why not. My older daughter was a photographer and my younger daughter a make up artist, so I had a lot of help getting started.

How do I go about selecting an outfit for the day:

In all honesty, I am a clothes horse. I love to thrift shop, or just shop in general, so I have plenty of clothes. The further I’ve gotten into this blogging adventure, the more I realize that I have a closet chuck full of sensational outfits, just waiting to be put together. I always pick my outfits out the night before, so I am not scrambling in the morning to figure out what to wear. I don’t really have a method, so most of my day to day outfits are picked out according to how I feel. On a cold drab day, I might feel the need to be cuddled in a cozy sweater and a good fitting pair of jeans. On a warm sunny day, I might choose a graphic tee and a moto jacket because I feel more confident and ready to chase after my dreams. Mood is often my main motivator for picking out an outfit. Occasionally, I’ll choose something the direct opposite of how I feel, because in doing so, it makes me feel better.

What is my go-to style piece:

Definitely jeans. I love my jeans and I wear them in all washes and all silhouettes; flares, skinnies, straight leg, you name it. I wear jeans to work and dress them up with a floral button up and a sharp blazer. I wear jeans for date nights with heeled boots, graphic tees and fun moto jackets. I wear jeans when I need to feel confident and tuck them into combat boots with a silky bomber jacket. Jeans are always my go-to.

Bringing bold colors into your closet:

If you have visited my blog, you know I love color. Each year since I have started blogging, I do a spring/summer and a fall/winter series, based on the Pantone Color Institute’s New York and London color palettes. I think the best way to bring bold colors into your wardrobe, especially if you are more of a neutral kind of gal, is to do it minimally and slowly; think accessories first. Start adding color to your closet by purchasing bright colored jewelry, scarves, bags or shoes. From there you could add a piece or two, like a bright colored sweater, say pink or yellow for spring, then a royal blue or rusty orange for fall. I am a firm believer that all women can wear all color. Sure certain shades look better on us than others, but just because one red doesn’t look good on me, doesn’t mean I can’t wear red at all. It is just a matter of finding the shade that looks right on you. My advice is go shopping with a girlfriend or someone you can trust to be honest. Compare how certain shades look on you and ask your shopping buddy what they think. Remember, the lighting in most dressing rooms is not complimentary. Buy a piece, take it home and see how it looks in natural light. You might be surprised how many colors really do suit you.

Summer Trends:

Whenever we talk about trends, I go to the web to see what is currently out there according to names like Bazaar, Vogue, or Cosmopolitan. I am not a trendy person, so what I like to do is research what the big names in fashion say and then pick the trends I find most suitable for me. Not everyone is able, nor wants to wear trends like the 80’s mini skirt or fishnet anything other than hose, but this summer offers a few trends that never go out of style: florals, bold patterns and soft pastels.

Fortunately, being the clothes horse that I am I have many of these trends currently taking up residence in my closet. Even though we are still having cool weather in the midwest, I am trying to incorporate pastels, florals and bold patterns into my clothing choices when I decide outfits for the blog and for my everyday wear.

National offers a variety of pieces that feature these trends. Florals are featured in pieces such as the Eric London Solvron Jacquard Cold Shoulder blouse (Item #20791) and the Gingham Floral Blouse (Item #20662). I love the bold patterns of the Tiered Shutter-Pleat Blouse (Item #20046), and the Aruba Print Top (Item #20730). Soft pastels are easy to find with pretty feminine pieces like the Eyelet Knit Top (Item #20733) and the UltraSofts Knit Tank (Item #8409).

I tell you what ladies, I learned so much from Amy and her creative flair for fashion styling. One thing is for sure, I will visit Stylin’ Granny Mama again and again for neat tips and tricks for all things fashion forward. I suggest you do the same!  Thanks so much Amy for working with us here at National!

Welcome new friend,


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