10 Ways to Combat General Boredom

Having the one-up advantage of many years of experience enables us to navigate through situations which are unknown and unpredictable. Sure, being cooped up can get a bit lonely sometimes, but silver linings tend to glow even when we don’t really think to look up. As we’re here, inside, protecting ourselves and others, around-the-house productivity is always an option! Here are 10 great things to help make the most given these ample amounts of extra time.


1.  Learn a new skill or hobby–or practice yours. Experiment in the kitchen? Start a new painting? Work on your vocal range? Learn key phrases of a new language?

2.  Watch TV & movies, or read a good book – try some comedy, informative or inspirational content to keep the spirits high.

3.  Exercise your brain with things like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, etc. (there are a lot of great free apps like Lumosity now available), or take an online class (Khan Academy or Linkedin Learning, for example), and continue lifelong learning to enrich the soul and mind.

4.  FaceTime, Skype, or dabble in social media to keep in touch. There are some amusing boredom-based quizzes going around; consider biting the bullet and participating in one, and perhaps recall upon a funny thing or two about yourself while getting to know the people on your friends list a bit better.

5.  Map out a diet & exercise plan. Whether it’s slipping more veggies into your diet (here’s a great suggestion from eatingwell.com), practicing healthier cooking hacks (such as these everyday suggestions by healthyeater.com), or getting out for a daily stroll, having a plan and a routine is a great, healthy way to make life more predictable.

6.  Research fun new makeup, wardrobe, and hairstyle ideas. Maybe try some of them out – no need to worry about being seen in public.

7.  Clean that one place of your living space you’ve been meaning to.

8.  Redecorate your least favorite room.

9.  Try some self-reflection tools and meditation to relieve the stress.

10.  Do something nice for the one(s) you think of during this time–make them a card, or send them a recipe or a small gift to brighten their day.


You aren’t alone! Many people are working 24/7 to resolve the situation: we’re in this together.
What are you doing to pass the time?

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