10 Ways to Keep Your Cool

With record-high temperatures topping the charts around the globe this year, I think it’s safe to say things are heating up! And as the mercury rises, there’s more than one way to keep your cool. Read on for ten heat-defying ways to help keep your cool this summer.


  1. Apply a cooling cucumber mask to your face. While enjoying the frigidy-fresh feeling, your skin might even benefit from a reduction of swelling, irritation, and breakouts thanks to the anti-inflammatory and mild astringent properties of the wonder veggie.
  2. Wear light-colored clothing—the lighter, the better (white is your friend this season)! Going with moisture-wicking fabrics will also help with staying dry and cool (see this week’s style blog for more ideas).
  3. Carry your own portable shade, like a sun umbrella or wide-brimmed hat.
  4. Meditate. With all the world throws at us, taking time to seek peaceful moments can definitely help with keeping your cool.
  5. Don’t forget to hydrate! (I know, I know, but It’s a hackneyed phrase for a reason.) Carry a water bottle or thermos (Yetis are amazing) that will keep your drink chilly for hours.
  6. Make slushiespopsiclesgelato, or just get some ice cream for a sweet summer treat.
  7. Switch out the bedsheets for satin or breathable cotton to catch some cooler zzz’s at night.
  8. Aloe vera soothes like none other. Especially after a day in the sun, applying aloe vera is super cooling and naturally counteracts all the heat the skin absorbed. It’s a great natural remedy for burns as well.
  9. Refresh your diet! Go with chilled shrimp instead of steamed, cold chicken on a fresh, crisp salad, and cold soups like gazpacho that cool from the inside out.
  10. Treat yourself to a spa day – at the salon, at home, wherever. Plus, feeling great from self-care is definitely cool.

How are you beating the heat this summer?


Chasing the chill,


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