12 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July

’Tis the season to be merry, bright, and HOT! That’s right folks, it’s Christmas in July this week! This unofficial holiday, reportedly founded in Brevard, NC in 1933, has since become a fun concept celebrated all across the globe, whatever the season. Here at National, it’s undoubtedly summer—and we’re always in the thankful, joyous spirit.


In lieu of the twelve days of Christmas, here are twelve ways to celebrate Christmas in July this year.


  1. Make a Christmas dinner. Whether a traditional bird or a conservative casserole, fun with food is one of the best hands-on ways to dive right in to the holiday spirit!
  2. Strut around in your favorite holiday sweaters and your best red and green attire.
  3. Don’t have a holiday sweater, or just want something new? Perhaps try starting a knitting project! Here are some free “getting started” templates from knittingbee.com.
  4. Send mini Christmas cards to your loved ones – a sure-shot way to spread good cheer.
  5. Bake some sweet holiday treats. From classic Gingerbread Men to Soft Sugar Cookies, there’s nothing like the aroma of warm baked goods to bring the holiday season to life.
  6. Buy yourself and/or your loved ones small “Christmas” gifts.
  7. Any leftover material from the cards and packaging can be used to decorate your living space! Here’s a neat DIY wreath idea from womansday.com, as well as some paper decoration ideas that are absolutely adorable!
  8. Enjoy some Christmas classics. Hallmark channel will be airing a medley of Christmas movies 24 hours a day up until Sunday evening, so pick up the remote and enjoy a binge fest any time of day or night!
  9. Sing, play, and/or listen to Christmas carols.
  10. Do some early Christmas shopping. Certain retail stores are even offering discounts on Christmas décor and the like, so grabbing some stuff early could help save time and money later on in the year.
  11. Craft some fun Christmas-themed drinks. But since it’s not exactly the month for hot cocoa, try sipping on something cold, like these super cute Polar Bear Frozen Hot Chocolates!
  12. Give to a charity or sponsor a child. After all, giving is one of the very best things about the holidays.


How will you celebrate?


Wishing you good cheer,

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