8 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in 2020


This year, Mother’s Day is going to be a little bit different, but in no way less special! It’s actually a great opportunity to show the women in your life how you’re always there, even when you can’t be physically present. So, let’s get creative! Here are eight things you can do this year to celebrate a safe and happy Mother’s Day.


1. Write a good old-fashioned heartfelt letter or poem. If you don’t want to send anything via snail mail, you can drop your message in an e-card and send virtually. There are both paid and free sites that offer beautiful pre-made, customizable templates. Either way, a message from the heart is a great way to stay connected, no matter how close or far you may be.


2. Customize popular household items with happy images or family photos. Put a smile on her face with a mug, tapestry, or even a jigsaw puzzle displaying happy memories, pretty visuals, or photos of loved ones (I’ve had a lot of success using Shutterfly).


3. Send a care package of clothes so soft, she’ll feel like she’s getting a hug. Pamper her with luxe, soft items like plush robes, furry slippers, or silken nighties to make at-home time truly special. Online shops that specialize in women’s comfort, like ShopNational.com, offer a wide variety of lounging attire and make the process quick, enjoyable, and hassle-free.


4. Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom to tell her how much you care.


5. Give her her very own spa day. Who says that self-pampering can’t be relaxing–especially in the privacy of home, sweet home? Also, I have yet to meet a woman who isn’t absolutely delighted by a lovely gift basket; or, here are some great DIY ideas you can put your own special touch on.


6. Gift a book or movie; some reading material while soaking away in the bubble bath, a funny flick while waiting for face masks or nails to dry, or some inspirational literature to lift the spirits are all great choices.


7. Prepare a delicious dish to leave at her doorstep. Here are a few dinner recipes to try as well as some sweet ideas for dessert. If you can’t make it over, having a meal delivered would let her relax all the same (keep in mind that buying from locally owned businesses would help support your community).


8. Flowers never fail. Brighten up her home all week long with a beautiful bouquet.


What would the special woman in your life enjoy most this Sunday?


Here’s to all the mothers,


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