A Breather in the Day

It’s Friday, friends. Something about “making it” to the end of the week can feel like a victory in this house. Our work weeks are chaotic and our mornings and evenings loud with the sounds of our littles. I am so grateful for the noise in our home. For years, I longed to have children and the process took much longer than anticipated. However, in God’s infinite wisdom, we became parents at the very best time in our lives.


Even surrounded by gratitude, I find I need to recalibrate every now and then. It’s easy for me to let things get a little too hectic and start spiraling. (And spoiler alert – the kids feel it too). Here are a few things I employ to recenter in the midst of the craze:


  1. Take a breath. It’s amazing the power of a deep breath. Physically, it creates a pause. Emotionally, it affords space and a mental moment. When I feel my heart rate accelerate, my first stop on the calm down train – breathing!
  2. Play some tunes. Nothing breaks up the hard stuff like a great song (and of course, a dance to go with it). Find your favorite music, and play it loud!
  3. Drink water. I think we underestimate the power of hydration – sometimes the best self-care we can offer is a little sip of water.
  4. Have fun. When things feel really tough, I try to find a game to play with the kids. Changing the mindset from workload to play works every. single. time.


What do you do when you need a minute?


Cheers to headspace,


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