A Sweet New Year

A New Year and a newly inspired set of recipes! In 2019, Thomas and I spent a lot of time researching more plant based recipes and understanding the overall benefits to our health. While we’ve learned a lot, one thing remains the same – I LOVE SWEETS.

I have thoroughly enjoyed tinkering with new recipes and have learned that healthy eating does NOT mean tasteless or boring. Below are four new recipes I’m trying this month (and absolutely will be comparing against traditional recipes I’ve used in the past). My personal favorite treat – cinnamon rolls. I enjoy these for breakfast, snacks, dessert and any time in between. Thomas’ go-to dessert (other than cobbler, of course) is lemon bars. I sure hope these pass the test! Next up, mutual favorites in brownies and banana cream pie. Both of us could enjoy these for any meal any day of the week (with a side of salad, of course).

Which recipe will you try? Share your must-have treat in the comment section below. Are you trying any new twists on your favorites this year?

Stay sweet,


Gluten Free Cinnamon RollsGluten Free Cinnamon Rolls
Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls
Vegan Lemon BarsVegan Lemon Bars
Vegan Lemon Bars
Amazing Delicious Vegan Banana Cream Pie!Amazing Delicious Vegan Banana Cream Pie!
Amazing Delicious Vegan Banana Cream Pie!
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