A Taco Kind of Weekend

With warmer weather in the air, I’ve made use of our outside grill and picnic table much more regularly. We love to cook outside (and it sure helps to keep the kids entertained while dinner is in the works)! We’ve found a lot of success in planning for the week with a few rounds of roasted veggies and some of our favorite protein options - all seasonally prepared for a delicious (and simple) dinner. 


My newest trick for encouraging our littles to try more foods? Tacos! If I serve anything in a tortilla, I swear my kiddos will give it a shot. Additionally, we’ve found a “taco bar” to be the best option for groups of friends and family. 


Some of our favorite taco blends: 

  • Shrimp, jicama, lemon and cilantro
  • Seared tuna, spicy mayonnaise, corn and slaw
  • Portobello mushrooms, cabbage, spinach and ranch
  • Chicken apple sausage, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and apple crisps

What are your favorite taco blends? Share the details with me on our social media!


Happy weekend,


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