Back in the Air

After more than 18 months, I stepped foot on a plane today. 


That’s right. I’m writing to you from Edmond, Oklahoma. I am thrilled to share in the wedding weekend of a dear friend (who was barely 12 when she was a junior bridesmaid in our wedding. How is this happening). Time travels quickly, and it’s more important to me than ever to make sure I am present for as much as possible in the lives of my friends and family.


When I got to the airport, I found myself a bit rusty. How many fluid ounces can I carry? (3 ounces.) Do I still take off my shoes? (yep.) Can I bring a water bottle? (an empty one.) Will it be crowded? (Sure is.) Airport travel can be a bit hectic, and today – surprisingly – it was smooth sailing. This was due in large part to some extra prep that simplified the process. Here are a few tips for traveling, once you find yourself back in the skies:

  • Wear compression socks and close-toed shoes. Without question, compression socks are a staple in my travels. They support circulation, maintain energy, and help especially with longer flights. (Given that we still remove shoes at security, it’s also just nice to have them on!)
  • Keep all liquids at the top of your bag in separate baggies. For easy removal before going through the x-ray machine, keep everything you need to remove on-hand and plop in the available trays. New to the list this time? Food items!
  • Grab a comfy mask. Federal regulations still require masks on all flights for all people aged two and older. Especially if you have a longer flight, make sure to have a comfortable mask you can wear for long periods of time.
  • Keep boarding passes on your phone. If you’re able, ditch the paper and move to mobile. I can neither confirm nor deny that I lost my printed pass at one point, which made for a bit of a moment.
  • Take a water bottle. This has become standard for me, and it makes traveling better and less expensive (and a smidge more environmentally friendly). Airports now have many refill stations. You’re allowed to carry on an empty water bottle and refill once by your gate.
  • Carry on as much as you can. I do my best to avoid checking bags, mainly so I can ensure I have what I need upon arrival. With a minimalist approach to packing, this is easier to accomplish. Less is more, my friends – at least when it comes to travel!

What are some of your travel tips, and where are you headed next? 


Enjoy the flight,


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