Be Well and Stay Well!

This blog is coming to you later than usual, because our house has been battling the most epic showdown of croup since Hatton entered this world. (Fun fact – croup shows up in adults as laryngitis. Be real glad I’m not hosting an Instagram live this week!)

While I hoped cold and flu time was nearly behind us, we technically have a little more time before we finally kick this oh-so-fun season. To make sure we thrive during the remaining winter months, I’m sending you a few tips on staying well and healing up quickly…should you find yourself under the weather
1. Start out with the basics: water, nutrition and sleep! If there was ever a time to invest in great self-care, it’s now. Researchers claim that a strong foundation of plenty of water, balanced meals and sufficient sleep help to not only guard against cold and flu season but support in a faster recovery should a cold strike.
2. Choose soap over sanitizer: hand sanitizer only handles part of the germ battle. Opt for warm water and soap as often as you can to ensure prevention against the spread of viruses.
3. Ginger and Tumeric tea: If you find yourself under the weather, consider anti-inflammatory hot teas like a blend of ginger and tumeric. Add in lemon for extra vitamin C and detox support to clear those germs right out!
4. Super steamy showers and a stroll in the cold: Yes, you read that right. Alternating between a very hot shower or sitting in a steam room followed by a stroll in cold air help to break up colds (and are especially helpful in battling croup).
What are your tips and tricks for thriving during cold and flu season? Share with me in the comment section below!
Stay well,
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