Cold Weather, Cool Smoothies

When it comes to food, I am a creature of habit. — Once I find a simple meal or delicious snack, I stock up and make the new find a part of my routine. About a year after Hatton was born, I got onto a smoothie kick…and it hasn’t stopped.

Even in colder weather, smoothies are a daily part of my routine. Below are a few recipes you can try at home (and trust me…they are just as good as the in-store options and far less expensive). I typically try to include a form of protein and vegetable in every blend. What are your favorite concoctions?

Happy blending,


Oaty Mocha Smoothy (Kitchen Sanctuary)Oaty Mocha Smoothy (Kitchen Sanctuary)
Oaty Mocha Smoothy (Kitchen Sanctuary)
Orange Carrot and Ginger (Kitchen Sanctuary)Orange Carrot and Ginger (Kitchen Sanctuary)
Orange Carrot and Ginger (Kitchen Sanctuary)
Warming Winter Smoothie (Minimalist Baker)Warming Winter Smoothie (Minimalist Baker)
Warming Winter Smoothie (Minimalist Baker)
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