End-of-Week Meal Planning

As the week begins, I plan out most of our meals and make sure our groceries are set to accommodate this wild crew. Recently, I found myself stuck in a rut by the time our week came to an end. With three kiddos three and under, simplification is everything. Recognizing now that Thursday through Saturday become “dinner ruts” for me, I have started compiling dinners from leftovers and remaining ingredients in the form of three simple dinners.


  1. Snacky Dinner: I snagged this term from a close friend of mine who also has twin boys and a daughter – she is my soothsayer these days! I grab a pack of crackers, a few slices of whatever leftover grilled meat I’ve created in the last day, some raw veggies and a “snack” (think raisins, pretzels, veggie sticks, raw fruit, a slice of cheese…anything). I set it up in separate “stations” and allow our little fam to pick and choose a customized snacky dinner. This is always a hit with my toddler.


  1. Leftovers Pizza: I keep a box of Simple Mills artisan pizza dough in my pantry at all times. When my energy is depleted, this is my go-to option. I quickly bake the pizza crust and pile on olive oil, remaining leftover veggies, and top with feta (which I also keep stocked at all times).


  1. Roast and Blend: When all else fails, I look in my fridge and roast the remaining veggies to blend into a soup. Somehow…this works. The best combinations include apple, sweet potato, carrot, ginger and cinnamon. Because I typically buy these items in bulk, I often have enough to create a couple bowls of soup for our little crew (and add on sandwiches of course).

How do you prepare for the end of week cooking lull? You know this crew always needs advice!

Happy Friday,


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