Fall Prep

On our last trip to Blowing Rock, my husband stopped by our favorite candle shop to pick up all the fall scents, y’all. Our house officially smells like a cinnamon and apple farm (if that was a thing), and I am certainly not mad about it.


In addition to loving all things fall, our house adores a good craft…and essential oils. Today, I am sharing a video from “Naturally Brittany” to walk you through making candles at home. She has awesome tips and tricks on creating candles at home. Please note, given hot wax and requirements to make candles, I recommend doing this activity with older children! When I do this activity with my daughter, I give her a chance to “help” by picking out scents and which glasses we will use. 


The best part about customizing your candle is the optionality you have with selecting scents. Given that scents impact people differently, it is a great opportunity to use what works for you (and even create some that repel bugs, highlight the season, or offer cold relief). 


Get started by watching Brittany’s four-minute instructional video here! Happy crafting.




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