Finding Relaxation in the Chaos

It is increasingly tricky to find space for self-care. And truthfully, what even constitutes self-care these days? With three kids, both my husband and I working from home and our littles nearby, we’re working on intentionally creating a bit more space to recharge when we need to (and trust me – that’s often).

Here are a few tips on recharging and reconnecting in this season:

  1. Choose what fills you up. For Thomas, this is a round of golf or a walk on the beach. For me, this is normally some kind of movement or sleeping (there is no in between). Where do you find energy? Make sure when you create time, you are investing in what energizes you.


  1. Say what you need. I have work to do here. In today’s busy world, we cannot wait for what we need. We must vocalize it and make room for it. My husband reminds me of this often. He cannot figure out exactly what will support me on any given day (that whole Venus and Mars thing is real). So when I need to take a minute, it is my responsibility to clearly state my plan and take the time I need.


  1. Make it routine. Every night, my husband and I swap on the kiddo’s bedtime duty. Our daughter knows that if last night was mommy’s night, tonight is daddy’s night! On my “off” nights, I participate in a 20 minute online yoga class. Normally, it is just enough time to settle in, move, and recharge after a long day. It also happens to be just a smidge longer than our daughter’s bedtime routine – meaning I still have time to sit down and chat with my husband in the evening after our collective responsibilities are complete.

What are your favorite ways to recharge? A nice read? A long bath? I would love to hear how you get a little extra energy – I could use all the tips these days! Share with me in the comment section below.

To calmness,


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