Happy 1st Birthday TJ & Raynor


I typically hop online and share my favorite trends: a recipe I’m tackling over the weekend, or tips for staying sane during a chaotic season (still haven’t nailed that one). Today, all I can share is my gratitude.

My boys are one year old.

Three weeks after the early days of shutdown, I entered the hospital nervous and unclear about the hours ahead, let alone the year ahead. At that time, I hoped our friends would be snuggling these miracles within a month or two. Little did I know it would be almost exactly one year before my two best friends in town held my sons. 

But here we are, somewhat on the other side, and a few friends have met them…with more family meet-ups planned this month. As I prepare to wake up my one-year-olds tomorrow morning, a quick note to my pandemic babies:

I remember saying at our babies’ shower, surrounded by my dearest friends: “I felt so lonely and isolated when I had Hatton. I didn’t know anyone. I know this experience will be so different surrounded by y’all.”

3 weeks later, the world stopped. And not a single friend held you in your first year of life. Just us….

I’ve grieved a lot of what was lost in 2020. I’ve also celebrated what was found.

You’ve changed me. Your lives created a new level of resilience I didn’t know was possible. With all your giggles, tears, poop and spit-up - you wrecked our lives in the most beautiful way.

You taught me that it’s ok to be afraid. It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to never have it all together. Your joy assures me, day in and day out, that the best life is the messy life - and we are enough for you.

Thank you for the wildest year of all time (and for not arriving a year ago today like we thought you might).

TJ & Raynor, I love you. Happy birthday.

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