“Home, Sweet Home” Project – Patio Container Gardens

All week, we’ve been talking about easy, breezy patio dresses–that perfect item to roam about the house, and yes, your patio, in. As you venture out your back door and onto the patio, what would make that space feel like your own personal oasis? A beautiful container garden! They’re easy to create using old jars, pots, cans, or tins–and almost anyone, anywhere, can grow flowers, vegetables, or herbs, with just a bit of sunlight, water, and love.

Here are a few options to help with getting the most enjoyment out of your patio container garden project.

Herb Gardens:

Cost-efficient and convenient, herb gardens make for a great self-replenishing resource that you can call upon again and again. I love how they add a hint of color along with that chef-ready appeal to my kitchen! Here are some suggestions for staples that can last year-round. Having your own herb garden is also an inspiring way to enhance your chef skills–they offer a brighter, crisper taste and make for lovely garnishes to any meal. Once you’ve grown your garden, a bit of light reading on prep and storage can help with getting the most out of your herbs.

(herb garden / harvesttotable.com)(herb garden / harvesttotable.com)
(herb garden / harvesttotable.com)
(succulents medley / gardeners.com)(succulents medley / gardeners.com)
(succulents medley / gardeners.com)


There are many options for container-housed plants that will live happily in either mainly shady or mainly sunny areas, as well as those that receive both. Some things to consider are the landscape appeal, whether different plants will require different types of dirt, what might enhance the architecture of your house, and the size they may grow to be (more on choosing and combining here). Plants grown on your patio can also be transferred indoors to create great house décor–ferns, for example. Whether hanging or freestanding, plant container gardens can make a great addition to the curb appeal and experience of your home.


There’s nothing like the first delicious bite of a fresh tomato in summer. Having a supply of veggies readily available right outside your door is super convenient, and there’s no fresher taste than just-hand-picked. Luckily, a large patch of land isn’t necessarily required to grow your own edibles (here’s a step-by-step breakdown). When sustained, a veggie container garden will prove to be gratifying, while saving money and extra trips to the store. Plus, there’s just something special and comforting about that home-grown, organic appeal.

(tomato container garden / almanac.com)(tomato container garden / almanac.com)
(tomato container garden / almanac.com)
(flower container garden / southernliving.com)(flower container garden / southernliving.com)
(flower container garden / southernliving.com)


Whether filling an empty space, covering an unsightly area, or creating the atmosphere of your patio, a container flower garden can be a great way to give your house a special touch of you. Certain potted flowers can even help protect that vegetable or herb garden from pests and insects (nine bug-beating plants here). Picking and choosing flowers for your container garden may revolve around a desired theme or color scheme and can further serve to accent the features and colors already present on your house. There are many gorgeous, easy-care options to choose from, but whatever your approach, you don’t need a green thumb to be able to reap all the benefits that a flower container garden has to offer.

From a single bud to an elaborately planned set-up, choosing the look and feel of your outdoor space with a patio container garden puts you in control, makes at-home time fun, and offers many benefits that can be enjoyed all season long! What’s your favorite type to grow? What have you had the most luck with? Feel free to share comments and/or pictures below!


With homegrown love,


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