Hydrate, Rinse, and Repeat

It may be winter for most of us (yes, still 70 degrees today in Wilmington), but hydration remains a key component of thriving during one of the worst cold and flu seasons I’ve seen in years. Recent health studies conducted at Harvard emphasize the importance of hydration and highlight true hydration as pure H2O intake without calories, fillers or additives. While I was devastated to realize sweet tea and coffee didn’t make the cut for positive hydration, I’ve since learned a few new tricks to keeping myself fueled up (especially while carrying two growing babes).


  1. Start early. When we begin with water, keeping up becomes a bit easier. I start with 8 ounces the minute I wake up. Add a little lemon and I’m ready for the day!
  2. Pick a fun bottle. Ok sure. This is not imperative, but it sure makes drinking water more fun! My personal favorite thermos is my Hydro Flask bottle. No matter where I am (or the temperature), Hydro Flask keeps my water just the way I like it (and it looks pretty nifty, too).
  3. Add some mixers. Let’s be honest – flavor is everything! My husband loves to keep a pitcher of water in our fridge with fresh fruit infusing it with wonderful flavor. Our go-to: sliced orange and lemon (great source of vitamin C as well!)
  4. Keep count. Keep track of your intake. Whether through an app or marking on your calendar, make sure you are taking in the proper amount your body requires (typically half of your body weight in ounces).
  5. Any suggestions you can offer on keeping water front and center?


    Stay hydrated friends,


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