Hydration Station

I’ve shared quite a few recipes for fruit-infused water. One thing I’ve never discussed: housing those delicious recipes! As better hydration becomes an ongoing goal for me, I decided to invest in a couple of water bottles that make it easier (and let’s be real – more fun) to keep on top of drinking more water. 


Especially in a very hot Wilmington summer, I am a big fan of water bottles that keep my water ice-cold for hours on end. In addition – and because I’m almost always on the go – I have to have a water bottle that fits in a cup holder. Lastly, I’m a big fan of bold patterns and color when it comes to “home goods.” 


Below are a few options I love. Which is your favorite?



Coral Hydro FlaskCoral Hydro Flask
Coral Hydro Flask
Teal RTIC TumblerTeal RTIC Tumbler
Teal RTIC Tumbler
Blue Granite S'well BottleBlue Granite S'well Bottle
Blue Granite S'well Bottle
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