Instant Dinners for the Family

With two new little ones in the house, I have relied heavily on my favorite kitchen buddy…the Instant Pot! Our favorite recipes come from the one and only Mary’s Whole Life. She offers lots of variations of my favorite comfort foods, and each one is easy to pull together (even with three little ones making noise in the kitchen). My favorite go-tos include her Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken and Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Casserole.

To make these dinners even simpler, I have a few tips:


  1. Chop veggies upon purchase or use frozen veggies. I have room to improve on this one, but I will say that pre-chopping veggies (or buying them bagged) helps with pulling dinner together quickly.
  2. Make enough for the next day. This is especially true for that super simple salsa verde chicken. I throw a couple of extra chicken breasts in the Instant Pot and have plenty for an easy salad topping the next day! I find that my larger Instant Pot meals often suffice for dinner the next day (saving me a lot of time and money).
  3. Keep your favorite marinades on hand. Most of my favorite instant pot meals require some type of sauce. I keep salsa verde and New Primal Buffalo Sauce on hand always, so I’m never left in a bind!

Do you have a favorite Instant Pot recipe? Share with me so I can try it out!

Happy cooking,


Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken CasseroleInstant Pot Buffalo Chicken Casserole
Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Casserole
Instant Pot Salsa Verde ChickenInstant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken
Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken
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