Labor Day Weekend Plans

We are making the most of our long weekend – the last weekend before the littles all start preschool. That’s right, Hatton, our 4-year-old, as well as her 18-month-old brothers are making their way to preschool next week. I can’t believe it’s time for the boys to “pack a book bag” (I mean, they don’t actually need one, but they sure look cute with it on! And I’m ok to wait on the homework days for another few years, so I can brush up on my math skills).


As we started grabbing school supplies and preparing for a new school year, we chose to spontaneously pack in a memory in our favorite place, Blowing Rock. Today seemed like the perfect time to pass on a tradition. As a child, I came to Foscoe Mining almost every year for my birthday. For the first time ever, our little kiddos experienced the fun that is dirt and water and gems! It felt pretty surreal to see them scoop up the dirt and splash in the flumes. While it’s been 27 years since my 10th birthday here, the memories are etched on my heart forever – these moreso than any I’ve had here.


If you have a mountain trip planned in the next few months, I can’t recommend this activity enough. For kids and adults alike, it is a great opportunity to learn about geology, get a little dirty, and enjoy the scenic mountain views. 


Do you have a favorite tradition you’re sharing this weekend?



Enjoy the memories,


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