Moving into Easier Exercise

When 2020 began, did you immediately feel the pressure to start “eating right and working out?” I find this is the most common goal at the top of many lists. And while it is wonderful to nourish our bodies, big time exercise goals can become more defeating than inspiring. I used to create many health goals, specifically with targets of wellness, toning, running distances, etc. Nowadays, I center around one focus: movement.
I see movement as an opportunity to connect with a friend on a long walk, spend time soaking up the sun, or trying a new workout that pushes me outside of my comfort zone. When I center my thoughts on movement instead of specific goals, I find exercise much more enjoyable!
While I’m still reaching for winter clothes, part of our week included a few late afternoon walks in 70 degree weather (the joys of living on the coast)! The sunny weather has me looking forward to more afternoon walks with Hatton and our dog Jasper before the new babes arrive. By far, that time outside is my favorite form of movement.
What is your go-to movement this year?
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