New Traditions for First-Timers

It’s a big day: the first first day of preschool for our boys, and the last first day of preschool for our girl. Whew, what a week! I’ve had such a range of emotions as we send off our kids. First off, I’m thankful they have an opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful school that has committed to their safety, health and education during uncertain times. We feel confident sending them through those doors each day – and are grateful for the incredible people who make it possible. Second, I feel honored to be their mom. To see their bright smiles as they head off to a new adventure…what a gift! Third, whew…I feel HOPEFUL. I am excited to see what the year ahead will bring and thrilled for the spark of joy I see in them as a result of their first day at school (and my daughter’s nonstop conversation regarding all her new friends/books/lessons/dancing).


I can already tell this year will go by quickly, so we’ve instilled a few traditions we’ll carry forward from our 18 months of being a bit more “home-bound.” First, we’re having dinner as a family during the week. We’ve loved gathering around our dining room table more consistently, and the extra time at home has created space to make this much more “routine.” Second, we’re keeping the dance parties. While the boys’ lungs improved after birth, we spent a lot of time indoors and became regulars at nightly dance routines. I can’t see those going anywhere anytime soon. Lastly, we’ll keep on with our regular sunset walks – these are life-giving for our little crew, and I am so thankful for cooler temps ahead to savor the time (and not the humidity).


What traditions do you have? Share some ideas with me on our social media post!



Happy fall,


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