One Word | 2021

When I began my annual process of identifying this year’s “one word,” I found it challenging to come out from the fog of last year. I spent some time walking through five days of reflection, outlined by my friends at The Inspiration Lab.


The journey included writing out 10-12 people in my life who are the most important and warrant care and attention this year. This was a hard one for me – I want to be readily present and helpful to everyone I know, but recognize my resources (i.e. I’m only one human) are limited.


Another day included documenting what we took for granted before 2020. Whew, another tough part of my reflecting journey, as last year revealed a great deal personally. First and foremost, I recognized how quickly I was willing to address the “biggest fire” in front of me. I took for granted the coffee date I’d eventually end up delaying, the need for a date night we’d schedule when “things slowed down,” and the trip we would take next year. I took for granted the opportunity to serve the community at next month’s event, always pushing to another season that would better suit “my life, my schedule, my time.” I took for granted that I could control everything around me – when in reality, I could control nothing at all.


In light of the aforementioned reflection, I spent time diving into what 2021 might look like – for me, my family and my immediate community. At the top of my prayer list:


– health of those around me

– connection with friends

– elevation of community

– business growth


As I sat with the above, a word popped up (as it always does).




Create space for others. Create opportunities for spontaneity. Create necessary change. Create innovative solutions for my team.


This word feels like a call-to-action for me this year. It’s a power verb inspiring me to be an encourager of change, a space for others to succeed, a channel of fun and joy for my family, and a resource for my friends.


Have you landed on your one word? Share the “word” and your “why!”
I cannot wait to see what this year brings for you and for all of us.


With love,


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