One Word: An Annual Exercise in Intention Setting

If you’ve followed If the Muu Muu Fits since the beginning, you know what today means! It’s time for my One Word for 2020.

To refresh your memory, instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions or goals for the upcoming year, I spend my time reflecting on the previous year and staying open to one word. This practice has afforded me more freedom in goal setting, as I root in one particular intention instead of setting seemingly countless (often inauthentic) goals. Centering on one word allows me to make certain any goal for the next year is filtered through the overarching theme of that word.

In 2019, my one word was SLOW. Wow – was this one a doozie! Anytime I found myself caught up in the hustle or moving quickly to finish a task, that word would echo in my mind and ground me in the present. I can’t say I aligned my life perfectly to the practice of “taking it slow,” but I was much more intentional in saying yes to anything that might overload my schedule or detract from my family.

For 2020, my one word is RELEASE. With twins on the way and the balance of a toddler/workload/adulting, this word resonates with me in a big way. I can sense space when I see this word and feel a calming peace when I speak it into existence. When Hatton was born, I tried desperately to control every scenario. I clamored to check off a to-do list instead of being present to time and space. When I consider releasing expectations, to-do lists and that overwhelming perfection pursuit – I look forward to the chaos on the way, because I know the season is temporary and I will need a lot of help to move through it.

Do you have any big goals for 2020? Have you started the one word process and landed on something? If so, please share with me. I love knowing what you’re looking forward to in the New Year!

Here’s to everything good in 2020, friends.


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