My favorite chance to try out old and new recipes alike…and as my husband likes to call it, my Super Bowl of cooking. You see, before I had kids, I could spend quite a bit of time lingering over a soup or marinating a delicious chicken dish. While I love my babies more than I could fathom, they do not make the easiest cooking buddies! On Christmas Eve, I get the kitchen all to myself for a beautiful Christmas meal. Inevitably, someone shoes up to help. As such, I tend to choose simple holiday recipes the entire family will enjoy.


Almost everything I make comes from Danielle Walker’s latest book, Against All Grain Celebrations. ( absolute favorite recipe—her stuffing. It is simple, delicious, and absolutely perfect for a holiday get together. My dishes aren’t always as lovely as hers…but I do my best. Another family favorite—pumpkin muffins! We make these from day one of fall…and keep on making them till spring.


What are you looking forward to making this week? Any favorite food traditions? Share your favorite recipe with me on Facebook.

Happy Christmas!


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