Slowing Down to Savor

On a call this morning, I shared with a colleague how meaningful this season has been for me. I have been forced to slow down and in that, I have learned to savor moments that would otherwise pass me by. As work and life begin to pick up for me personally, I am carrying over methods of pausation to savor that which I’ve clung to this season.

Saying yes: I practice saying “yes” to spontaneity. Yesterday, my daughter and I had quite a few errands. We happened to be in the parking lot of her favorite ice cream shop. “Mama, can we stop for strawberry ice cream with sprinkles?” With nothing else in the calendar but a lengthy list of to-dos – of course – I chose to bypass the things that could wait, and say “yes” to a spontaneous date with my girl. It was worth it tenfold.

Letting go: I’m a fixer by nature – I live to problem-solve! However, this often leaves me busier than I’d like and inundated with a lengthy to-do list I created, but cannot accomplish. I have learned to table certain issues I cannot tackle, which opens space to invest in what fuels me and benefits those around me.

Playing first: Something happens when we approach life with an attitude of play. When joy comes first, we can more easily prioritize what matters. Instead of opening up my email first thing or scrolling the news, I have practiced FUN as much as I can. This attitude of play sets the tone for a great day.

How do you create space to savor what matters, and invest in the good stuff? Share your tips with me in the comments section below.

Cheers to happy,


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