Social Distancing as an Extrovert

If you’ve met me in person, you know that this is how I do life…out loud, big and bold…with my people. Social distancing for an extrovert is hard, y’all. I miss in-person connection in ways I cannot begin to describe. But with the gift of technology, I am still able to reach out and talk, even if I can’t sip coffee and snag a hug.


Are you an extrovert struggling to maintain energy in a season of isolation? Here are my four tips to get thriving in the chaos.


  1. Get up and get dressed. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Add a simple wrap to a shirt and slacks for a comfortable and complete look. This sounds so simple, but it has helped my head and heart in a season of uncertainty. By setting an alarm, showering and even throwing my hair into a fun style, I feel “set up” for the day. Sure, I may not see anyone…but when I feel somewhat put together, my day runs a bit more smoothly (not always…but mostly).
  2. Plan weekly phone dates. I find having a few “meetings” booked in my calendar keep me grounded. I feel like my schedule is still consistently filled with connection, catch up and purpose. Sure, we may end up chatting about the weather. But the space is there, and my friend is there. Worth it!
  3. Sip coffee on camera. I have had a few Zoom and FaceTime “happy hours” or “morning chats” with friends, and the time has lifted my spirits significantly. While I certainly long for that in-person connection, the gift of seeing a person is truly indescribable.
  4. Plan a meal. As it relates to cooking, I’ve been trying my hand at a few more vegetable-based recipes thanks to this great website, Forks over Knives. When everything feels out of control, I find a lot of healing in starting something from scratch that has a definitive (and typically delicious) end point.
  5. What are you doing to help you sustain energy and maintain sanity during this time of social distancing? Share some tips with me!


    With love (and virtual hugs),


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