Staying Sane Indoors

Just as soon as I wrote about September and my excitement for fall….

We had a week of 104 degree heat index.

Bless the things. This mama is ready for COOLER WEATHER. Because we have a sweet dog who is 10 years old, our walks have to be very early or very late to keep him safe from heat exhaustion. This means a lot of time indoors (for his sake) and our newborns as they continue learning to regulate body temperature. So how do we stay sane indoors? Bring on the fun activities!

– Creative activities: Yes, even for adults, research shows tremendous benefits from coloring (and anything using repetitive motion. Think knitting, sewing, journaling). Our other favorite past time? Puzzles! I know, I know. You’re wondering “how can I do anymore puzzles already?” Consider making them fun and different! We received a gift from my sister – a family photo turned into a puzzle. It makes putting it together such fun…no matter how often we do it.

– Smelly goods: This is my super official very fancy term for “fill your house with sweetness.” We diffuse an array of essential oils in our home, and I am known for keeping fresh flowers as often as possible (Trader Joe’s carries an incredible assortment of $4.00 arrangements).

– Decluttered space: For me, peace of mind comes from simplicity. And while the above photo looks like anything but simple, we’ve worked hard to minimize our consumption, keep one toy in play for our little before getting another, and tidying up our common spaces. (Next on our list….that chair full of stuffed animals – nothing about that says minimal!)

– Happy foods: The joyful aroma of a home-cooked meal has kept me grounded in this crazy season of newborns. My best friend is the Instant Pot and Mary’s Whole Life recipes. Just a few minutes of chopping, a load of yummy sauce, and a healthy dinner is ready in minutes.

And yes, these babies still – no matter what – need fresh air. Despite our 100% humidity around here, we find relief in the shaded parts of our yard. We enjoy a good picnic, sidewalk chalk and bubble blowing when the weather permits! How are you keeping your cool indoors?


Happy weekend,

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