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I report to three small humans and a golden retriever.

It’s pure chaos in this house, most hours of the day. As such, I rely heavily on regular deliveries of items I tend to run through frequently. Since the holidays are fast approaching, I thought you might find it helpful (even amusing) to read about what makes our house tick, and consider gift options for those you love (and yourself)! Let’s run through the list of the Wilson crew must-haves.

Taking care of Jasper: More times than I’m proud to admit, I have walked over to the corner closet for Jasper’s food…and found it completely empty. To solve the late night runs to the store (and our dog’s anxiety about his next meal), we now subscribe to for all of Jasper’s needs! His food always arrives just in time and makes it much simpler to care for our original baby.

Taking care of us: Almost a year ago, we began a subscription to Butcher Box. We recently edited our subscription to better suit our family as we move to a more pescatarian meal plan. You can customize the amount of food you receive, the types of cuts, and the assortment. Choose from wild-caught salmon, poultry, grass-fed beef and more!

Taking care of the kids: Especially when the boys were first born (and our oldest was bored), we counted down to our monthly delivery of Kiwi Crate. Each box includes an age-appropriate craft, book, and learning game. Extremely affordable and great for the entire family, we remain big supporters of this subscription, and thank the grandparents for making it happen!

Do you have any favorite subscriptions you’d love to share? Tell me about them – I’m always on the lookout for ways to simplify our life (and restore some time to my calendar).

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