Thoughts on 2020

As we close out the year, I have spent the last few days reflecting on all that 2020 has taught me. — In my 36 years, I have not experienced a more transformative and challenging year than this one. Encyclopedias outline the major impact of certain events in our history. This year will cover pages of history books for future generations. And for many of us, this will be the year we discuss with our kids and grandkids for decades to come.

2020 was a pivotal one. For me, it was the year I went from a mother of one to a mother of three. It is the year I lost my beloved Aunt Jo. It is the year my marriage was profoundly and graciously solidified. It is the year I spent more time on FaceTime than in real time. It is the year I learned the power of presence comes only after eliminating the addiction of comparison. It is the year I leaned on the fullness of God’s provision more than the inconsistent (and unreliable) abilities of myself.

As I navigate my traditional exercise in developing “one word” for the New Year, I have compiled a few reminders for myself to take into 2021:

Honor what’s hard.

Ask for help when needed.

Dance to the Hamilton soundtrack often.

Lean into gratitude consistently.

Grab the phone and call a friend.

Maybe for you, this year was a joy-filled one – full of new adventures, skill advancements and quality time. Perhaps it was heavy, riddled with uncertainty, loss of a job or even a loved one. One thing I know: each of us is now more connected than ever before, sharing the common bond of navigating a year of uncertainty and hardship. We share a collective sigh of relief as 2020 comes to a close, each of us filled with hope for brighter days ahead.

What a year, my friend. We made it. Time to dance our way into the New Year!

(tune in next week to read more about 2021’s One Word).

With love,


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