Tips & Tricks for Road Trips

Next Sunday, our family will take our first real trip in over a year. Last year’s annual trip to our beloved Ocracoke Island was paused due to all things 2020 (plus, ya know, newborn twins). As I prepare for our little crew to take a road trip + a ferry trip, I am sharing some tips and tricks that help us plan an ideal (and sort of) stress-free travel day.


  1. Ahead-of-time groceries. To save time and money, we do a grocery run prior to our trip. Especially given our boys’ food allergies, this is really helpful when visiting a new place.


  1. Pack a “capsule” wardrobe. How many times have you opened up your suitcase and realized you’ve significantly overpacked? Planning a “capsule” simplifies packing and ensures you take only what you need. Grab a couple of pairs of bottoms, your favorite three tops and a dress, for example - that are easy to coordinate and swap for multiple looks.


  1. Plan your route. It sounds silly, but we’ve gotten on the road far too many times with a half tank of gas and a hard deadline to get to the ferry. If we plan our route, add some time and build in stops - the trip is far less stressful. 


  1. Grab the snacks. It is not a road trip without great snacks! We have a small bag with lots of pockets to hold Stasher bags full of easy-to-grab snacks. Happy babies = fed babies, y’all. 


How do you plan for a great road trip? Share your tips and tricks with us on Facebook - and say a prayer for our journey next week.


Happy trails,


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