Tips for Better zzz’s

A few weeks ago, I looked at my husband and said “how am I this tired? Didn’t I lay down at a decent hour?” — In full transparency, my routine has suffered in these unusual times. I find myself knee-deep in news or catching up on a deadline last minute. Because my work and personal life are now so tightly intertwined, it is more difficult to “shut down” physically and mentally in time for decent rest. I am working to reestablish good sleep habits and am sharing a few tips we are employing moving forward.

-An early shutdown: My phone is now set to an automatic do-not-disturb 30 minutes before a “set” bedtime. This inhibits text messages and phone calls, keeping me focused on decompressing for bedtime.

-Lavender everything: We’re big fans of essential oils in our house, and as the sun sets we break out our lavender oil. The aroma offers us some added relaxation in the evening hours.

-Hydration: Believe it or not, our bodies need more than coffee! Hydration is key to muscular support and organ health. I target drinking half of my body weight in ounces a day, and already I’m noticing improvement in inflammation upon waking up.

-Pretty pajamas: I know, this may seem frivolous. But just like our mind “perks up” with a refreshing shower and coordinated outfit, our brain recognizes sleep with pajamas. I added a few new sets to simplify my bedtime routine and add comfort to my night.

What are some of your tips for good sleep? 

Rest well,


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