Ways to Relax This Weekend

Sometimes we just need to pause—and remember to relax. Whether busy and bustling or calm and collected, a healthy pause in any lifestyle can go a long way. This week, we’ve been looking at some new ways to relax, and now seems like the perfect time to try some of them out. What relaxation techniques work best for you? Are you trying anything new? Share in the comments below!

Reflect. Make a list of the best things in your life, and take time to reflect on those in gratitude.

Express. Whether it’s writing, conversing, painting, or making music, expressing your thoughts and feelings is one of the best ways to let off some steam and cool down.

Music. Whether you’re a musician or an appreciative audience, enjoying music has proven to have stress-relieving effects on the brain.

Pamper. Hair, nails, and/or a long, relaxing bath. Oprah Winfrey spoke in an interview once about her bathtub being the most important object in her house, as that’s her best way to relax.

Concentrate. Puzzles, movies, TV shows, or diving into a good book are all great ways to promote focus and prevent negative thoughts or mind-racing.

Stop. Prayer, meditation, or simple quiet time—and nothing else.

Act. A short walk, new yoga, or a light workout are great forms of self-care with a relaxing end result as well.

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