Workouts With Friends

We’ve been without internet since yesterday morning, which meant last night’s workout was not accessible on my favorite online applications. So, I made something up on the fly! The kids got a kick out of my multiple movements, dancing intervals, and endless crunches. (I got dog piled during those last moves and ended up with a bit more of an arm workout after some “Raynor weight lifting.” These kids are a wild and wonderful bunch.)


When I can’t get to a gym or haven’t quite found an online class of interest, I pop on my favorite tunes and load a workout from one of my fitness go-tos on social media. Below are three accounts I highly recommend for every day workouts and fitness inspiration.

What are some of your favorite quick movement options?


Let’s move,


Sole Fitness/Kathryn BenkoSole Fitness/Kathryn Benko
Sole Fitness/Kathryn Benko
Ashley BowersAshley Bowers
Ashley Bowers
Amanda KlootsAmanda Kloots
Amanda Kloots
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