4 of the Season's Best Cover Ups 

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeear (insert a mental picture of me twirling through my kitchen while cinnamon and oranges and cloves and cranberries simmer on my stove). We all know I live for fall. Chilly weather, changing leaves, time with family…and football.  


Indeed, I love a good weekend trip to Chapel Hill as our family cheers on the University of North Carolina Tar Heels. This weekend, we had the chance to celebrate our family reunion and witness an epic win against an undefeated Wake Forest University. It was a little chillier than I anticipated (read – than what I planned for from a packing perspective).  Because I live on the coast, I don’t keep a very large “stock” of jackets. Welp…given that we’d like to visit family much more this year (boys are much nicer in the car than last year – cheers and applause), I am grabbing a few extra layers for the ever changing weather of North Carolina. 

Today, I’m sharing four items – all of which happen to be ON SALE! Whether you need an extra layer for drizzle or a little more warmth via a quilted vest, our team has you covered (literally). Which piece is your favorite? 


Stay warm, 


Berber Fleece JacketBerber Fleece Jacket
Berber Fleece Jacket
Maritime Hooded JacketMaritime Hooded Jacket
Maritime Hooded Jacket
Reversible Quilted VestReversible Quilted Vest
Reversible Quilted Vest
Wic-Tech™ Full Zip JacketWic-Tech™ Full Zip Jacket
Wic-Tech™ Full Zip Jacket
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