A Chilly Fall Stroll

There is something really special about bright blue skies in a Carolina fall.

When the clouds dissipate, the air feels just a smidge colder, and the crispness somehow compels you to be outside…even if it is less than 60 degrees. My friends often poke fun at how much I love cold weather. (Let’s not forget I honeymooned in snow.) This season we’re in – it is without question my favorite, and I am committed to enjoying every bit I can.

Staying warm and stylish on an afternoon stroll is easy with my favorites from National. I wear these flat-front leggings at least twice a week. The fabric moves easily, pairs well with casual clothes or a dressier tunic, and requires zero ironing (hallelujah). My favorite UltraSofts mock turtleneck offers a touch of extra warmth and makes the perfect base layer for my cozy Berber fleece vest. Easy layering, perfectly styled – yes please!

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Stay cozy,



Cozy Lounge JacketCozy Lounge Jacket
Flat Waist LeggingsFlat Waist Leggings
Cozy Lounge JacketCozy Lounge Jacket
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