Forever Jammie Day

On Saturday mornings, my daughter walks downstairs with a brighter-than-usual smile. The usual dialogue:


In a sweet, soft voice…“Mommy? Hey moooooomy?” 


“Yes, love?”


Amps up the volume exponentially...“I want a JAMMIE DAY!” 


She then proceeds to race around the house in her favorite pajamas declaring that Saturday must be a jammie day. By Saturday, I’m very inclined to agree with my feisty, energetic four-year-old. If we’re not on the beach, I am 100% lounging in my favorite pajamas until I’m forced to change clothes (or decide pajamas are suitable for all-day use…this happens more often than I care to admit). 


A great pajama set is my go-to for lounging. Below are three options, including a beautiful and luxurious French terry, a cozy striped flannel, and a lightweight cotton jersey. Which one do you like best for your jammie day?


Happy relaxing,


Henley BlouseHenley Blouse
Cotton Jersey Knit Pajamas
Jolie French Terry PajamasJolie French Terry Pajamas
Jolie French Terry Pajamas
Striped Flannel PajamasStriped Flannel Pajamas
Striped Flannel Pajamas
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