Layers and Promises

As we head into 2022, I am reminded of my personal promise to myself to connect more fully with my kids. It's why, early last year, we had a swing-set installed in our back yard. At first, my husband wasn’t sure we needed one. Just a few miles down the road, we have an amazing neighborhood park. While we went back and forth for a couple months on whether to take up backyard space with something so large, we ultimately decided we’d spend a lot more time outside if we did. And boy were we right. Hatton wakes up begging to swing. The boys seem to wander outside - straight to the swings - a few times a day. It's perfect.

As you can guess, if we have a 15-minute window between some activity and dinner…we head outside. After lunch and before nap time window? Outside. Just turned dark but not too cold yet? Outside. To best prepare for my littles’ adventures, I rely heavily on layers. This ribbed turtleneck coupled with my cozy new vest make for an ideal venture outdoors. Complemented by National’s most comfortable pants of all time amen, I am ready to chase these buddies all morning long. Of course, I rely on the comfort and support of my favorite tennis shoes. They're easy to slip on for a quick jaunt and supportive enough to navigate outdoor terrain.

How do you prepare for the outdoors? Share your favorite layering pieces with me on Facebook.

To sunshine,


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