Making Plans for a Summer Escape

Summer will be here before you know it. Have you made any travel plans yet?

We’re hoping (me, I’m hoping) to head south. A warm beach somewhere. Turquoise ocean, white sand, the sound of dolphins, sandpipers, herons… you get the picture. An island, complete with umbrella drink.

When I think “island”, I think of nothing but breezy dresses. One of my favorites is a flowy crinkle-cotton dress for a walk on the beach. Breeze blowing. Dress flowing. So romantic.

What’s so incredible about crinkle-cotton or crinkle-rayon is the way it’s constructed. The crinkles create air pockets against your skin: so you stay cool while the rest of the world is sweltering. Genius!

Another of my most favorite get-away dresses is the new Lyocell Tassel Dress by National. It’s less that $50 and it’s beautiful! Plus, it’s ecofriendly. That means less water was used in creating the piece. Plus, it’s so soft, and so flattering.


Santa Fe Border Print DressSanta Fe Border Print Dress
Santa Fe Border Print Dress
Shop Our Crinkle Smocked DressShop Our Crinkle Smocked Dress
Crinkle Smocked Dress
Shop Our Lyocell Tassel DressShop Our Lyocell Tassel Dress
Lyocell Tassel Dress

Whatever your plans, I hope you find the perfect dress to stroll along the beach or skip along the boardwalk.

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