Muumuu, May I?

The decelerated pace of things lately has re-introduced my appreciation for an all-inclusive garment - one that’s easy to wear, stow, and care for (and hides away my quarantined snacking-related choices). Thankfully, the muumuu dress has made its way from its Hawaiian/Polynesian roots here to the U.S. mainland, and lately, it’s proven to be a great investment for my wardrobe, wallet, and self-image. Fifteen seconds in the morning, and I’m dressed for a day of leisure, errands, or social time–whatever the day has in store!

Characterized by a relaxed, shoulder-down drape that offers extra room and comfort, muumuus have become increasingly popular among women across the nation and are widely available in an array of cuts and styles. Plus, they typically fold and pack well, and are light and breathable–perfect for summer trips and waterside cover-ups. I love mixing and matching with sunhats and sandals for being out and about–and, needless to say, the does-it-all garment offers at-home comfort all evening long.

Regardless of the many ways you can dress them, muumuus all have one thing in common: they create a look you can feel great about yourself in, no matter where you are!

Below are a few of my personal favorites – what style do you enjoy the most?

Striped Chambray Lounge DressesStriped Chambray Lounge Dresses
Striped Chambray Lounge Dresses
Polyester Slip-on DressPolyester Slip-on Dress
Polyester Slip-on Dress
Butterfly Denim DressButterfly Denim Dress
Butterfly Denim Dress
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