Pretty in Pink

Today was spent shrieking at the top of our lungs as all three kiddos laughed on our swing set,

crawled/ran through the back yard and having our first of many picnics in “the fort.”

During lunch, I asked my daughter if she was ready to do a little online shopping. We’ve signed up for virtual ballet lessons, so of course new shoes are in order! (How do her feet keep growing so quickly?) She had to choose between black shoes or pink shoes. I’ll give you one guess where she landed….

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I love all things neutral and I love wearing black. But with spring around the corner, it is time to add some joy (and a little pink) to the daily routine. For simplicity, comfort and style, I absolutely go for a long dress. Below are four options to consider, all of which are easy to wear and of course available in my girl’s favorite color.




Blush Garden Day Dress by National®
Cinched Waist Dress by National®
Batik Lounge Dress by National®
Embroidered Dress by UltraSofts®
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