Rolling Into Thanksgiving Week

It’s here! Time to celebrate Thanksgiving (and I do mean all week long).

Our groceries arrived yesterday in advance of the meal prep, as I begin to get ready for my first ever (full) Thanksgiving meal to cook completely on my own. Cue all the nerves – I hope I can pull this off as well as our extended families do year after year. The weather in Wilmington is glorious – low fifties and sixties with pure sunshine creating the perfect backdrop to our daily walks. I am thrilled this holiday week has finally arrived!

Cozied up with my little family, I am taking some extra time to “clean up,” because I always feel a bit more energized when I freshen up and sport some new threads. Today, I am sharing a favorite fall look that has become a must-have in my closet. This outfit is a staple for me, easy to layer and ideal for chasing after my kiddos. My long cable knit sweater is a great weight and pairs beautifully with my slacks or denim jeans. While I am always a fan of neutrals, this piqué top is a simple way to add a subtle pop of color. 

Tune in later this week for a sneak-peak at our menu. I will share a couple photos of our final result and my go-to recipes for best holiday sides. In the meantime, start filling your cart with my favorite selections – stylish comfort all season long!

Happy Turkey Week,



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