Snuggled Up for the Week

This morning, I opened the door to let out our sweet ol’ Jasper and was met with 43 degrees of new season chill. And friends, I am absolutely thrilled. 

We turned on our living room fireplace (thank goodness for easy gas logs), and I spent the morning bundled in my favorite robe sipping coffee (on cup number 2, thanks to all these little kiddos)! It is absolutely the season for dreamy robes and cozy chats on the couch. I am cherishing these slow mornings with my children at home, grateful for our time together in the days that are all too fleeting.

Now that my daughter is approaching age 4, she wants to have her nose in a book every chance she gets. In my favorite robe, I can bundle both of us up for another run through Are You My Mother and The Pout Pout Fish. I am still on my toes with our boys, as one of them recently started crawling! Thank goodness my favorite robe still lets me chase that wild one.

Click on the image to learn more about my go-to selections. Between brushed fleece and luxurious velour, you can’t go wrong in these winter favorites. Which one are you adding to your morning routine?

Stay cozy,


Snowflake Yoke Zip RobeSnowflake Yoke Zip Robe
Snowflake Yoke Zip Robe
Minky Fleece Zip RobeMinky Fleece Zip Robe
Minky Fleece Zip Robe
Luxury Velour Snap RobeLuxury Velour Snap Robe
Luxury Velour Snap Robe
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