Stylish Lounging

Welp, it finally happened. Our little ones came down with a stomach bug, and we’ve spent the last 5 days hunkered down, washing towels, spraying down counters and emptying trash cans. It isn’t the most glamorous around here, but I am incredibly thankful I can be with my littles – making sure we do all the things to move us towards health. 


While I snuggle these babies and try and work between naps, I find myself in comfortable clothing….all day. Thankfully, National has plenty from which to choose in that category. While typically I would go for a pajama set on most days, I needed a bit more “pick-me-up,” so I shifted towards slacks and cotton shirts for most of this week. Below are a few tops and one jacket I rotate when I need a good blend of style and comfort. I typically add these to a walking skort, black leggings or denim jeans. How would you pair these options? 


Stay well my friends!



Full-Zip JacketFull-Zip Jacket
Full-Zip Jacket
Country Garden Sleeveless TopCountry Garden Sleeveless Top
Country Garden Sleeveless Top
Wic-Tech™ Fit-Knit TopWic-Tech™ Fit-Knit Top
Wic-Tech™ Fit-Knit Top
Textured Knit TopTextured Knit Top
Textured Knit Top
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