Tees & Tops are Tops for Summer

Like a lot of people, I own more tees than I do shorts or pants, combined. They’re just so colorful. A color for every mood I’m in or look I’m going for. Sometimes, especially over the last five years I’ve had a baby to snuggle, so wearing more than one shirt a day is not uncommon. For real. Many of my favorite tops have one thing in common—they’re all UltraSofts.

So, in case you missed it, here’s the story behind UltraSofts®. It’s one worth repeating.

UltraSofts is an easy-wear, easy-care, extra-soft interlock knit that’s been twirled and re-twirled to give you a super-soft feel you’ll fall in love with. This supple cotton-polyester knit is one of kind. Our merchandising group developed this fabrication by having the knit spun and respun till mom felt it was good enough for you—our customer.

UltraSofts is a versatile fabric that can be dressed up or down with ease. Lots of companies say they’re tops are “ultrasoft” but wear our authentic UltraSofts once, and you’ll feel the difference in softness.

•                    Timeless styles

•                    Developed for comfort

•                    Sized and designed for ease of movement

•                    Softness spun from re-twirling fiber multiple times

•                    Gentle against all skin types

•                    Easy-care fabric

•                    Keeps its color wash after wash

It also provides excellent UV protection (50+ according to ASTM D6603) making it a great fabric for all those that need sun protection. Show someone your love with an UlraSofts top today! Hint: Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 8.

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