The Perfect Pajamas

YOU GUYS! — I may never change clothes again. The ease, comfort and luxurious feel of these Satin Trim Pajamas have me beaming ear to ear! (It certainly helps they come in my daughters favorite color…purple.)


As a busy mom of three, I love a pajama set that functions as loungewear! On a Saturday morning, I love nothing more than a full day in casual comfort snuggled up with my babies (well, and chasing the twins all over the house). These pajamas are the perfect weight—warm enough to knock off the morning chill and still ideal for all day wear (yes…I’ve tested that theory).


Snag a set for yourself, and of course one for a friend. With Easter around the corner, it’s the perfect time to gift yourself and someone you love with the joy of comfort.

Happy Spring,


Satin Trim Pajamas
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